Good Slogans On Water Pollution

– We all agree, save the sea!

We all know that what the slogan above says is 100% true. Toxic waste, oil spill and depletion are ruining the sea, and we all know it, we all agree. We have to save the sea if we want to save the planet. The Earth’s surface is, after all, covered by 71% sea and only 29% land. And yet, pollution and depletion continues. Maybe some good slogans on water pollution can help?

– Make a notion, save the ocean!

– Cause a commotion to save our ocean!

The two water pollution slogans above want to inspire people to take action and help bring attention to water pollution. Every little helps, so if they can get only one person to take action it was worth it. Feel free to use them!

Slogans On Water Pollution

Slogans On Water Pollution Can Help Save Life

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Finally, we offer you a couple of slogans on water pollution that try to address the individual persons reading it. If you don’t have the time or energy to inspire and influence others, you could at least take responsibility for your own actions. When you make choices in your everyday life, try to make the right ones that are good for the environment. So, here goes:

– Think blue, go green!

– Be the solution to water pollution!

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Enjoy! :)